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Fine Arts

At Early College High School, Art 1A/1B is designed as an introductory level art course. Students do not need to have previous experience in art to be successful in this cornerstone course. Students will learn to express themselves creatively through both realistic and abstract work in this fun and exciting class.

The curriculum focuses on the fundamentals of studio art, called the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design. Art 1 students will enjoy learning beginning and intermediate art skills and experimenting with various art media, such as graphite and colored pencil, tempera paint, oil pastels, ink, watercolor paint, and digital collage. In addition to creating art projects, students will learn about art vocabulary, art history, and art appreciation through reading and writing, critiquing famous works of art, self-reflection, and creative problem-solving. 

This course serves an important part of the global learning environment of Early College High School, relating to other core subjects, and making connections to them. Fine arts courses act as opportunities to provide students with a well-rounded and complete secondary educational experience as students engage in whole brain tactics to nurture their developing minds. Almost all of the work for Art 1 is done during class time, so this course does not add any extra stress or homework to our new students as they navigate the changes of high school life.