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Student Learning Outcomes

Early College High School will prepare its graduates to be:

Complex Thinkers who:

  • Complete tasks using effective problem-solving techniques and a variety of resources.
  • Apply learned skills, complex problem-solving processes, and critical thinking to new problems and real life scenarios.
  • Use higher level thinking skills, processes, and competencies to develop and extend their learning beyond the formal academic setting.
  • Analyze, integrate, and synthesize multiple resources and perspectives to formulate a justifiable rationale within various contexts.

Effective Citizens who:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of diverse cultures and engage in school and community affairs and global awareness.
  • Accept individual differences and demonstrate skills in resolving conflicts through positive, non-violent alternative actions.
  • Convey environmental awareness and responsibility.

Responsible, Self-Directed Learners who:

  • Use effective goal setting strategies to determine priorities and to meet educational, vocational, and personal goals.
  • Exhibit good study and work habits that prioritize schoolwork, attendance, promptness, and effective time management.
  • Demonstrate collaboration, motivation, and discipline, accepting individual and group responsibility while working in a group setting.

Collaborative Workers who:

  • Use effective leadership and group skills to develop and maintain relationships to achieve goals within a group setting.
  • Demonstrate confidence and flexibility when leading a group and recognize and follow the leadership of others.

Effective Communicators who:

  • Convey complex ideas and emotions through written, verbal, and visual mediums.
  • Interpret and analyze ideas and information.
  • Use technology as a tool to enhance the communication.