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Puzzle Defense House Comp


Basketball House Comp


Soccer House Comp



As part of our emphasis to include all students in our Early College High School family, all students are members of one of four houses. The houses meet monthly for meetings and competitions which incorporate academic, artistic, athletic skills, and build school and team spirit, sportsmanship, and camaraderie. Students may earn points for their house as part of a friendly competition held between the houses throughout the school year. Positive points are awarded for GPAs, House competitions held at assemblies, homework/class work performance, quiz/test performance, and good behavior. Points can also be lost for missing assignments, lack of preparation for class, tardiness, leaving trash, or any act that is deemed to be in conflict with our positive character pillars towards others. 


2009-10: Sea Dragons

2010-11: Barracudas

2011-12: Sea Dragons

2012-13: Narwhals

2013-14: Stingrays

2014-15: Narwhals

2015-16: Stingrays

2016-17: Stingrays

2017-18: Barracudas

2018-19: Sea Dragons


House Rankings

  1. Stingrays
  2. Sea Dragons
  3. Narwhals 
  4. Barracudas

House comp Pictures



Sea Dragons

Sea Dragons



Sting Rays

Sting Rays