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Early College High School 2019-20 Enrollment is Now Open
Posted 1/22/19

Early College High School

Early College High School is an academic, college preparatory program intended to enable students to pursue post-secondary education at a four-year college or university. We are looking for students who are motivated to take college classes. ECHS students must demonstrate the ability to make mature, independent, and responsible choices to succeed in college classes and college preparatory high school classes. Many students begin taking dual-credit college courses during the freshman year. This allows ECHS students to apply to a University of California, California State University, private university, or an institution of higher learning with  one year or more of college credit.

Points of consideration:

  • The ECHS calendar is aligned with the college calendar.
  • ECHS typically starts in early August and ends after Memorial Day Weekend.
  • The ECHS bell schedule starts and ends later in the day.
  • ECHS requires students to have good attendance and good behavior.

Early College High School Application

For more information please visit the Early College High School Website or call 714-424-7990.