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Test Dates:

CAHSEE English Language Test: March of 10th grade year

CAHSEE Math Test: March of 10th grade year


Definition History

Beginning with the class of 2005-2006, all public school students are required by state law to pass the California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE) as well as satisfy all other state and local requirements in order to receive a high school diploma. All students, including English learners and students with disabilities, must first take the CAHSEE in tenth grade and have up to six opportunities to pass the CAHSEE throughout their high school years. Students who do not pass the exam in grade ten will have additional opportunities in grades eleven and twelve to retake the part(s) not passed. The exam is divided into two parts: (1) English language arts (reading and writing) and (2) mathematics. Students must earn a score of 350 or higher on each part of the CAHSEE to pass the exam. All Newport-Mesa Unified School District Students must complete all graduation requirements and pass the CAHSEE in order to receive a Newport-Mesa Unified School District Diploma. This currently applies to all students, including English learners and students with disabilities. Students with disabilities are allowed to take the CAHSEE with accommodations or modifications, according to their Individualized Educational Plan (IEP). Students who receive a diploma or certificate of completion may participate in the graduation ceremony.     Currently, all Grade 12 students have been notified by the District and the school as to whether they have passed or not passed the CAHSEE. Supplemental Remedial Support is being offered after school at every high school in the district. In addition, Newport-Mesa Unified School District Adult Education is offering a class for students to take to assist them in remediation and practice for the topics covered on the CAHSEE.   



The California State High School Exit Examination must be passed in language arts and mathematics as a condition of receiving a high school diploma in California. CAHSEE support classes are offered at each campus as well as in summer school and through Adult Education.